Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updates on Economy

Sunday Herald: Warning for the West as Civil Unrest Explodes in Baltics

Money Week: Europe Looks Nervously at Ticking Timebomb in the Baltics

Money Week: Britain Heading for a Disastorous Second Great Depression

Economist: Financial Crisis Bringing Industrial Production to a Standstill

Economist: American Automobile Industry Has Been Shattered to Pieces

NY Times: Its Muscle Glory Long Gone, Pontiac a Shadow of Its Former Self

NY Times: U.S. Government Throws a Trillion at Locked Up Lending Markets

Charles Hugh Smith: As the Economy Unravels, the Middle Class Crumbles

The New Yorker: Fraudulent Schemes Detonating as Economy Collapses

Front Page of USA Today: In California's Meltdown, Misery Has Long Reach

Wall Street Journal: State Budget Cuts Will Eviscerate the Middle Class

Washington Post: Financial Crisis Devastating Formerly Wealthy Enclaves

NY Times: Former Middle Class Swell Lines at Food Banks Through the U.S.

Alternet: For Most Young Americans, Social Mobility Is Dead and Gone

AP: Japan Turns to "Work-Sharing" to Avoid American Style Layoffs

Forex TV: Gold Moves to Over $1,000/Ounce and Could Move Much Higher