Sunday, February 22, 2009

Geula (Redemption) Wheels in Motion

by WeWantMashiach
I just saw revealing that Obama and the Saudi king Abdullah have signed a secret pact regarding the Middle East and other things....

We are watching the final stage of the Geula unfold, this news is a real shocker and wake up call. A major event is supposed to take place in which the world leaders (especially Persia aka IRAN) are each antagonizing each other. We can fairly assume has already begun - Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, Islamacization, etc. This culminates in the "King of Arab" leaving in order to take advice from the King of Edom (i think), while the King of Persia destroys the world.

Now, there is only one way we currently know of that anyone can "destroy the world". We have a report from Friday that Iran has more than enough enriched nuclear material to make at least one bomb. We have Iran antagonizing the world. We can fairly assume that Gog is Obama. What is still missing is the King of Arab getting advice from the king of Edom. With this piece of news, we can rest assured that this will happen very shortly.

Iran is on a very short leash and will need to make a major move very soon. We know that Ahmadinejad (Haman?) believes that he has to destroy the evil forces in order to bring what he believes is the final redemption. Since he believes that he will be rewarded for this, he has no problem risking himself or his countrymen to enhance that end.

I believe we are headed for a crash course with this Iranian lunatic unless we shape up. The roles have been cast and the play has begun. We can end it early if we change - I hope we can. The "ketz" is a set time (most likely this year). If we don't bring about Mashiach through our actions, peacefully, we will NOT prevent the Geula from coming (even catastrophically, c"v). Let's really get to work, FAST!

Time to make Aliyah, too!