Monday, February 23, 2009

The Body Inside the Garment

You are wearing clothes. A garment covers your body.

You are wearing the clothes on your body. The body is “you” and the garment is not “you”. It is the same shape and size, and although it covers your body by looking at the garment one can recognize what the body beneath is doing (because, after all, a garment doesn’t move by itself!)

Surprise: You are wearing garments on your garments.

To repeat: Just as your garments are not “you”, what you think is your body is not “you”. It is not “you” and it is not even your body! It is a garment. No, not a garment for the soul (although also that), but it is a garment for your real body!

When Mashiach comes we “change our clothes”, but the body lives forever.

Do you get it?

One more time: the body lives forever. But what you think is your “body” is just garments. “Filthy garments” no less (nothing personal). You will be changing your garments.