Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey dreamer, did you remember to close the windows?

There is a man named Israel. Israel is dreaming.

He dreams of an old, run-down house which requires a lot of fixing. After all, he thinks in his dream, it’s his home. A person needs to have a proper home. In his dream he labors to fix up the old house. Nice curtains, maybe some wallpaper, etc etc.

It starts, let’s say, to rain. In the dream, that is. (Rain of blessing, of course!)

His dear friend (not in the dream) starts to call his name, “Israel! Israel! Time to wake up!”

Israel indeed does wake up, and he happily realizes that he is no longer in the run-down house, but in his own home, his real home, a warm sunny place with many good friends. (The old run-down house was just a dream, not his real home at all and in fact not even real!)

And it is needless to say that once Israel wakes up he will surely not ask himself “did I remember to close all the windows in the old house so that the rain doesn’t get in?”