Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A love letter from G-d to the Jewish people

A love letter from G-d to the Jewish people by David Ha'ivri and Stuart Wax
Rosh Hodesh Av - Parashat Masie

HafTorah for Ashkenazim: Jeremiah 2:4 - 28; 3:4 Haftarah for Sephardim:
Jeremiah 2:4 - 28; 4:1 - 4:2 plus Isaia 66:1 at the beginning and 66:24

This week's Haftarah is like a love letter from HaShem to his chosen people
Am Yisrael. HaShem asks, "What have your fathers found wrong with Him and
left Him for nothingness and themselves become nothings? Why don't they
remember the great miraculous events of the redemption from Egypt and the
miracles of the desert were no food is grown, but never less dwelt there for
forty years and felt no hunger? Why is it then that when He brought you in
to the fine land of the Carmel to eat from its fruits that your people have
betrayed Him by contaminating the land with you idol worship?

"The Cohenim did not bother to announce HaShem's place, even the Torah
scholars don't speak out for the Temple Mount. Since '67 Hashem is waiting
for the Cohenim to announce the only place where the Shechina calls home,
'HaR HaBaYiT' and not just 'the wall' below it.

"Your leaders are criminals whose deeds show they are infested with their
own personal evil urges. Their prophecies are lies and they run after
useless notions, giving away My land and endangering My people for empty
dreams and trusting in terrorists instead of trusting in the word of HaShem.
And so you and your sons shall continue to fight the endless war, that is
your choice.

"Did the nations of the islands of Greece or the Arabs of the desert leave
their gods of nothing and the strange beliefs of their fathers? Listen to
the words of the Arab, every other sentence ends with insh'allah (with the
help of Allah). Do you see them hiding their identity? Have you ever heard
of an Indian Buddhist who also believes in Torah? Or a Christian who can
live without Christmas?

"But, My people have abandoned the honor of G-d for nothing. How odd to find
Jews who believe in Buddha or Jesus or nothing. Why do My people have no

Don't you understand that the world is coming to pieces because of your
betrayal, earthquakes and floods, natural disasters and wars all signs of
the mighty hand of G-d? He shakes the world to wake up the Jewish people and
they ignore him. The sin of the Jewish people is double, not only do they
turn against Hashem, they put their trust in empty vessels. They want peace,
but instead of abiding to the law of the Torah, the G-d given prescription
for peace and justice, they sign treaties with organized serial killers
sending them into the street to bulldoze innocents bystanders.

These vessels cannot hold water. Are the people of Israel slaves to the sons
of the housemaid? Why are they the shame of the nations? From where do the
Arabs have the chutzpah to roar like a lion cub and plow our people to the
ground? Is not from our weakness and confusion? We are bringing it on
ourselves. Freeing murderers of children for bones. Armed Jewish policeman
stand dumb as terrorist shoot yeshiva boys and run over pedestrians. Do we
even have the chutzpah to ask where is G-d while our people are being

Don't you understand - G-d is there, he is the One who give us the State,
the army and all of the tools we need to carry out our holy mission - To be
a unique nation dwelling on our land free to implement our Torah culture. To
be a Light onto the nations. But instead we choose to be an embarrassment to
our fathers and sons and to all free people.

Instead of looking to HaShem to save our people you drink the dirty waters
of Egypt, asking for the help of our enemies in the South to save us from
the Hamas and beg them to protect Gilad Shalit. Can't you see that Egypt and
the Hamas are on the same side? For years the endless flow of arms and
rockets coming in via the Sinai are undisturbed by the Egyptian army, are we

And if that is not bad enough we turn to drink the waters of Ashur in the
North begging the Syrian midget to agree to take our Golan away and reassert
their positions of fire over the Jewish towns in the lower Galilee. Don't
you see that over the past 41 years we have had a better level of peace with
Syria than with any of our other neighbors? That is the biblical
meaning of peace over the land -- when your enemies understand that their
best interest is not to dare cross over or attack our land.

Your worship of the Holocaust is sickening, you act is if Yad V'shem is the
river that cleans your deeds. Every visiting VIP is ushered there to
"acknowledge" the Jewish people's right to a "safe spot" in the world. And
then you go to together the Knesset and agree to give it away. Are will
willing to commit national suicide in hope of international recognition? Yad
V'shem is not an honor, rather the disgrace of our nation, instead of being
ashamed you fly it as your flag. Our right to the land is not because we
were lead like sheep to the slaughter. Our right to the land is divine.
HaShem in his great mercy upkeep his promise to our fathers Avraham,
Yiztchak and Yaakov and brought us back to our land even though we disgraced
his name by being holocaustic throughout the ages.

Our flag of honor is our Torah culture. Visiting VIPs should be brought to
the Temple Mount and the nuclear reactor in Dimona to see our historical
right and our present claim to Jewish independence. We are here because it
is ours -- that's what is says in the Torah. We are not moving or giving it
up because we have the power to say so. Baruch HaShem. The flag of our
people is the Jewish family's Shabbat table today and the Temple in
Jerusalem tomorrow.

The ninth month towards the end of the pregnancy is the hardest part, but
don't let fatigue get you down, just a little more and moment will come. The
birthpangs of Mashiach are felt all around. The temptation for world
acceptance is greater now then ever before. The small and empty leaders of
Israel yearn for the "internationally recognized borders." Acting like
thieves (that they are), ashamed when He is found, so is the house of Israel
ashamed; they, their kings, their princes, and their priests, and their
prophets, build walls to "steal" lands that belong to us, they present
themselves as if they stole the land, instead of Hadar - Jewish pride while
at the same time marking land east of the wall as up for grabs.

They turn to the people of the wood -- ESAV -- America, Europe as our
protectorate, and the people of the stone-Kabbah in Mecca as if He gave the
birthright to them! They have no EMUNAH (FAITH), but in the end of days,
they will have no choice but to turn to Hashem.

But where are thy gods that thou hast made thee? Let them arise, if they can
save thee in the time of thy trouble; "as we see now, they bought the empty
promises of America, "don't worry, retreat, restraint, if you ever find
yourself in danger you will not be alone" as we saw how in unison they said
"sorry Israel, but you are not going to drag us into another war, too bad,
your existence is being threatened by a Nuclear building mad man. "For
according to the number of thy cities are thy gods, O Judah." They have
already destroyed the cities of Yamit, Ofira, the towns of Gush Katif,
northern Shomron and Amona. Now they have their eyes set on smashing the
communities of Shomron, Yehuda and giving over the Temple Mount.

At the end of the Haftarah the Sefaradim add the first two pesokim from
chapter 4.

"If you return O' Israel, return onto Me and remove the Shikutz from before
Me." In Yechizkel "the Shikutz" is used to describe the foreign worship on
the temple Mount. And after that HaShem swears you will be blessed by the
nations as truthful, lawful and merciful and that will be you honor.