Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Islam Lives by the Sword

by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed

Our enemy's motivation must be understood.

War With the Arabs
The path ahead of us is not simple. We are in a state of war with the vast majority of Arab countries, with Islamic believers throughout the world supporting them. We are talking about tens of millions of enemies who are ready to
It is easy to be enticed by the false prophets who promise peace.
go to war against us at any moment, and hundreds of millions more who voice support for it.

In such a situation, it is easy to be enticed by the false prophets who promise peace. However, one who examines the circumstances with open eyes will understand that withdrawal and compromise will not bring an end to the Arabs' war against us; on the contrary, it will only increase it. In order to understand this, the source of our enemy's motivation must be understood.

Islam - A Religion of War
It is no coincidence that the Arabs have succeeded in imposing the Islamic religion on many nations, to the point where presently there are approximately 1,400,000,000 people who are believers. The genetic code of Islam is directed towards a steadfast war to impose the religion of Mohammad on the entire world by means of the sword. And to achieve this goal, everything is legitimate. If they need to lie, they will lie. If they need to kill, they will kill - hundreds of thousands or even millions. It was not the enchanting beauty of the Islamic religion which drew so many nations to accept it upon themselves, but rather the clear threat of death.

All nations reached their achievements through wars and victories; however, in Islam, unlike other cultures, the principle of compromise is unacceptable, especially a compromise over land. Therefore, even when the Muslims lack the power to defeat their enemy, they are not willing to accept compromise. If they make a cease-fire (tahadeya in Arabic), in the view of Islam, it is only a recess which must be utilized to prepare for the continuation of the war. If possible, in the meantime, they will weaken their opponent with terrorist attacks and ransacking. If not, at the very least they will attempt to anesthetize him with lies, until they are able to attack once again and defeat him.

This fundamental principle causes the Muslims never to lay down their sword; to always be ready for the continuation of the war. This is how the Muslims succeeded to impose their religion on many nations, who in turn, according to this code, continued to conquer additional territory.

Territory Previously Conquered by Islam
According to the Muslim way of thinking, the world is divided into two areas: Dar al-Islam is the area already conquered by Islam. Dar al-Harb is the area of war, which the Arabs are commanded to conquer until it is turned into Muslim territory. After a certain territory has been conquered by Islam, it is declared as holy Muslim territory, which is forbidden to be relinquished under any circumstances.

Even if this territory is conquered by another nation for hundreds of years, according to Muslim law it is still considered holy land which must be returned to Muslim control. Accordingly, Muslims execute terrorist attacks in Spain and large parts of India, because the Islam which conquered them in the past, demands them in return now. And if unable to conquer them, Muslims will at least carry out terrorist attacks, so that normal life cannot be conducted there until they are returned to Islamic rule.

The Land of Israel: War Zone
The State of Israel constitutes a double problem from their perspective, for it was established on territory that was conquered by Islam since its foundation (except for a period of approximately 100 years when it was ruled by the
Dar al-Harb is the area of war, which the Arabs are commanded to conquer.
Crusaders); and not only this, but the land of Israel is located in the heart of Muslim territory. Therefore, as far as they are concerned, this is the first place they must conquer - either by sword or by guile.

Some Muslims are more religious, others less; however, the central foundation which strives to conquer and rule remains alive to a great extent amongst all of them.

The present debate between the moderates and the extremists is over the question of whether it is necessary to implement agreements with the State of Israel in order to cause its collapse, or to crush it through extended guerilla warfare. Concerning the goal itself - the dismantling of the State of Israel and the conquering of the entire Land of Israel - none of them concede.

Silence From Middle East Experts
There are numerous university departments which deal with the study of Islam and Arabic nations. One could ask: Why don't these experts warn the Western governments about the danger of awakening Islam?

The problem is that today's politically correct language does not allow the Muslim threat to be discussed seriously. All people are supposed to be equal without discrepancies of religion, race or sex; how can one then claim that the Muslim culture presently produces the most serious threat to world peace? Therefore, even one who analyzes the subject correctly is not able to express his thoughts properly within the framework of an accepted public forum. Thus, the danger continues to grow without any experts warning Israel and the world about it.

By the way, there are actually a number of Muslims who, in their wish to highlight the positive sides of the Islamic culture, are worried about the rise of the negative aspects. They presently are the only ones cautioning about the dangers of Islam, but nobody listens to them.

How to Deal With the Threat
The only way to exempt a Muslim from going to war is to create a situation where he is totally compelled - without the ability or chance to succeed. Then, he will wait for years or generations, and when the time is right, return to war. Perhaps, in the meantime, those Muslims will repent and correct their outlook, or instead, the time will come for this religion to disappear from the face of the Earth, as other religions have in the past.

However, when we project doubts in relation to our rights to the land and our readiness to fight for it, we are encouraging them to attack us. Additionally, our international status does not improve, just as it did not improve as a result of the woeful Oslo Accords. The more we agree to compromise, the more people throughout the world will support the demand to "return" to the Arabs "all their rights" - in other words, to put an end to our existence.

That is what happened as a result of the Bar-Ilan speech. The prime minister and his supporters were sure that, in the merit of his capitulation and his agreement to a demilitarized "Palestinian State", international pressure concerning the the settlements would be removed. Lo and behold, the reality is the exact opposite - any
Any compromise from our side results in additional demands.
compromise from our side results in additional demands.

The Settlements: Our Guarantee
Therefore, the settlements, which come in the name of God's promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are the most important thing for Israel's security. Our enemies know that they have no chance to defeat Israel in a face-to-face war, but they are sure that they can destroy Israel through terror and guerilla warfare. It is only the settlers, with their firmness and faith, who stand in their way. As long as the settlers are not ready to compromise on anything, and continue to hold tight to the land, multiply, get stronger and stand firm, the Muslims won't be able to defeat Israel.

Fortunate are those who assist these courageous people, helping to expand the settlements, for this is the foundation of the security and salvation of Israel: "Be of good courage, and let us be strong for our people, and for the cities of our God."