Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mashiach Musings

According to Kabbalistic sources, the miracles we will experience as Moshiach approaches will be similar to – but even greater than – the miracles witnessed at the Exodus from ancient Egypt. The purpose behind the miracles in Egypt was to save the Jews from their Egyptian oppressors, and enable them to set out on the road to Mount Sinai, where they received the Torah and officially became a nation. But if that was the only objective, then what was the point of all the pyrotechnics and melodrama that came with the Exodus? Obviously, G‑d could have contrived a much simpler, peaceful way to get the Jews out of Egypt. But the redemption from Egypt also had an ulterior motive. Like the vast majority of the civilized world at the time, the ancient Egyptians worshipped a pantheon of gods that each had dominion over a certain element of the natural world. The Jewish claim that there was one G‑d whose will supersedes the entire natural order was not something that the nations of the world at the time could relate to. Thus, the miracles of the Exodus demonstrated beyond a doubt that such a being indeed exists, and that He is quite capable of overturning the natural order that He created. A similar process is unfolding as we approach the era of Moshiach, only this time the recognition of G‑d will be more
complete as the world, through science and other forms of wisdom, comes to realize the presence of G‑d inherent within the natural order. In the Exodus from Egypt, the material reality of the world was in opposition to recognizing G‑d, and so that material reality had to be shattered for it to acknowledge the spiritual truth. Our world is a much more refined one – a world in which the materialism and human wisdom itself recognizes spirituality. Therefore, the great epiphany of Moshiach's era will come through the materialism not against it, and the recognition of G‑d will become a permanent part of earthly reality.
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