Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 Volcanoes currently causing concern

Santiago: Chile's Llaima volcano - one of the most active in South America, spewed out a river of lava more than 1,100 yards long on Saturday in a fresh eruption, prompting officials to order dozens of people to evacuate.

Mt Redoubt bellows steam and ash across the Cook Inlet from Ninilchik, Alaska, Thursday, March 26, 2009. Ash from the volcano is seen on the snow. The volcano on the west side of Cook Inlet erupted Thursday morning sending ash clouds an estimated 65,000 feet (nearly 20 kms) into the air dusting the towns on the Kenai Peninsula including the towns of Kenai, Ninilchik and Homer.

Hunga Ha'apai's three active vents and the steaming crater lake that resulted from the massive eruption of an underwater volcano in Tonga's Hunga Ha'apai

Rabaul Volcano Papua New Guinea - Eruptions continue at Rabaul volcano. During the week of 27th March to 2nd April there were occasional strong ash emissions from Tavurvur crater, accompanied by roaring noises. A crater glow was visible at night. Ash fell over Rabaul town on 2nd April, and drifted SE on other days. Generally, deflation was measured at the caldera, but there were periods of inflation during the past 2 weeks. People are advised to stay at least 2 km from the volcano due to risks from explosive activity. ShiratDevorah