Monday, August 3, 2009

No Sweat - it's only a Nuke

by rabbi Lazer Brody

Anne Bayefsky is a lady with a razor-sharp mind and an eagle eye. She's an attorney with international recognition as a leading Human Rights and International Law specialist, a barrister and solicitor on the Ontario Bar and a professor at York University in Toronto. The cherry on her cake of accomplishments is that her Eye-on-the-UN organization is a fierce watchdog that monitors the UN.

Anne came to the conclusion today that an Iranian Nuke doesn't make Obama lift an eyebrow, and that he'll sit on the sidelines while Iran assembles its bomb. See her whole article here.

No sweat, folks, it's only a Nuke. Pour the President another glass of iced tea and let him continue in his rocking chair on the White House lawn.

All those readers who think I harbor animosity for President Obama don't know me well enough. Negative emotions? Heaven forbid! I'm not being cynical - President Obama is fantastic. He's an agent - unwittingly enough, to be sure - in sanctifying Hashem's name. Here's how:

1. Since we don't have the brains to put all our trust in Hashem, Obama is helping us by showing that we can no longer depend on or trust him or his administration. The USA was quick on the trigger today in condemning Israel for upholding the rights of two Jewish landowners in East Jerusalem. If Obama is selling Israel down the river for two houses in East Jerusalem, can we expect his backing for a massive attack on Iran? Certainly not. We praise and thank Hashem for showing us Mr. Obama's true nature at such an early stage, and we thank Mr. Obama for waking us up and throwing us into Hashem's loving arms.

2. Mister Obama should receive a retainer from Nefesh B'Nefesh. Aliya from the USA is booming, and G-d willing, many more are on the way.

3. Mister Obama is quickly teaching our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora that there's no place like home, and home is here in the Holy Land of Emuna, Eretz Yisrael.

4. Mister Obama is an excellent Gemara instructor; for years, we've been learning (see tractate Sota 49a) that there's no one to trust but Hashem. Mister Obama is driving that lesson home better than anyone.

Here's the great news, dear brothers and sisters: No one will help us against Iran. This knowledge in itself is a mitigation of severe judgments. There's a phenominal thirst for emuna and a spiritual awakening that will also "sweeten" bitter edicts. Now that the USA has joined the UK and the other nations of the world in condemning us, we officially stand alone. That is the best news. Now, we'll have no choice but to attribute the many miracles that are on the way for us to Hashem, and to know one else.

With emuna, you see how Hashem does everything for the best. Obama himself is none other than a marionette with Hashem pulling the strings, so how can we be angry with Obama?