Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let Us Not Continue To Reject The Land Of Israel

by Tamar Yonah

Tonight I will be sitting on the floor in the dark with a candle with my kids and read from the book of Eicha (Lamentations).

Please, wherever you are, say a prayer that we may merit the Holy Temple and the Moshiach, and then, make a plan to go and implement that. Tisha B'Av became a day of mourning because we rejected the Land of Israel. The place that G-d gave us as a homeland, the place where our forefathers are buried; Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and our foremothers, Sarah, Rivka and Leah (all burried in Hebron) and Rachel, burried in Bet lechem (Bethlehem). Our kings are buried here as well, King david, King Solomon, etc... This is where our history is, and this is where our future is.

Let us not continue to reject the Land of Israel. If you haven't made aliyah, go to and check out how it has never been easier in history to come and make aliyah and return home form our long exile.

Do good deeds, pray, and plan what you CAN do to bring the redemption.

May The KBH, the Holy One Blessed Be He, have mercy on us, and may we merit through our deeds and love, the rebuilding of our Holy Temple. Amen.

If you like, you can leave a prayer below for the return of our Holy Temple that will be a light not just to Jews, but to all of Mankind. We have no idea what we are missing.