Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gog & Company? Oy!

by Mystical Paths

As Obama (Gog candidate) jet sets around the world has anyone noticed the leaders he's meeting?

Photo from a BBC article, with the biblical names of the nations leaders shown together.

This group has one thing in common, they are all on the list in Yechezkel 38. (Leaders shown are from France, the USA, United Nations, Libya.) I just though this is curious.

Yechezkel 38 1-7 excerpts ...Gog of the land of Magog 'The Prince'....I will lead you astray and I will place hooks in your jaws and bring you.... a vast assembly... Persia (Iran), Cush (Afghanistan/Pakistan) and Put (Libya) will be with them,

Libya has been off the radar for some time now and is suddenly back in the gang palling around with POTUS?

...Gomer and all her cohorts (France/ European community), Beth Togarmah in the north (Germany and Scandinavia) and the many peoples (the United Nations)...

be a guardian for them and bring them... in the end of years"

We have seen a Gog candidate has been in Russia (Meshech and Tubal), and according to Pravda (Russian news) he met with senior Iranian officials (!!!), so the list is almost complete.

'The storm' is brewing and the 'clouds' of anti Jewish/Torah hate are spreading and the 'wicked design' is taking shape all right out of the Navi and under our noses in a very rapid time frame.


As we Jews in Israel lay with our hands tied behind our backs and with our heads on the chopping block. Right out of the Midrashim and Targum.' 'They', these very same men, are planing the removal of our head 'Jerusalem' while we are just tearing at each other locked in a spiral of hatred and strife.


Hashem have mercy on us! But know if we can not come to peace with ourselves we will fall into their hands, Hashem Rachem!


'Hear us and help us on the day we call' only applies when we have 'Achdut', oneness of heart and purpose. All sides need to nullify the ego, be bitul (nullified) to the 'Torah of Truth' and save ourselves and our children much suffering.


We need to pray, really pray, for and end to the strife in Holy city of Jerusalem! Please spend no less then 15 minutes in personal prayer for the safety and peace of the holy people and their city of Hashem.