Thursday, July 16, 2009

Children of Hevron

by rabby Lazer Brody

Several years ago, during a visit to the Washington, DC area, I personally witnessed how a pair of series killers traumatized nearly two million people in the DC metropolitan area. People were literally paralyzed, and many refused to step out of their houses.

In sharp contrast, the Jews of Hevron are surrounded by scores of frenzied, terrorist series killers. Yet, they seem to fear nothing other than The Almighty. During a recent visit to Hevron, I visited a local cheder (religious boys' elementary school), curious to find out how the little guys - Israel's unsung heroes - are holding up under the pressure of their environment.


I was amazed to find calm, happy, well-adjusted, and highly-motivated children. They all knew their studies by heart, and were more than willing to tell me about this week's Torah portion, recite their mishnayos, or elaborate on Hevron's history.


What makes these little kids so stable, living in the eye of a hurricane? The answer is simple: uncompromising Torah education, simple and steadfast faith, and parents who are living examples of dedication to G-d, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel.

Hashem is sending a stiff warning, Mister Obama (Psalm 105:16): "Don't touch My anointed, and don't harm My prophets!" If you do, a lot more than your teleprompter will smash all around you.


מי כעמך ישראל