Friday, June 19, 2009

Walpin haunts Kingpin

by Lazer Brody

Americorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin smelled a rat and began investigating the misuse of AmeriCorps funds by Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star who is now mayor of Sacramento, California and a prominent supporter of President Obama. Walpin, whose position as inspector general is supposed to be protected from influence by political appointees and the White House, was fired. Who fired him? The President himself...

Mister V the snake thinks he can remove Hashem's beloved children from entire chunks of our promised Holy Land; his utter arrogance and his blatant attempt to stifle Jewish growth in the Land of Israel have now moved him into the direct "care" of Hashem Himself. In that respect, Hashem is exposing the Chicago Kingpin that now resides in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC much quicker than I thought He would. Apparantly, there's not much time left so everything is moving fast...

So now, Walpin is haunting the Kingpin. From a perspective of clean government, the Walpin affair is much nastier than Nixon's Watergate, which ultimately led to an impeachment.

Wake up, America. You've put an Ivy-League slick-tongued Mafia Kingpin in the White House; he's already printed a trillion dollars to bail out his buddies. You let him get away with that, but you and your grandchildren will shoulder the bill.

Beitar Illit and Maale Edumim are Hashem's jewels; a sane person doesn't go around threatening to remove lovely Torah-dedicated Jewish families with 9 and 10 children from their homes in the well-established cities that the Kingpin calls "settlements" slated for demolition, Heaven forbid. He hasn't learned the lesson of New Orleans, struck by Hurricane Katrina the same day that Jewish Gaza was forcefully exiled. Extreme arrogance always overrides sanity. The Kingpin is making tragic mistakes, and Hashem will personally nail him just like He nailed Pharoah and Haman.

Look how cunning a snake the Kingpin really is. He built an entire Judenrat with such henchmen as Rahm (רם gematria 240, which equals עמלק 'Amalek') Emanuel and "Special Counsel to the President for Ethics and Government Reform" (sic) Norman Eisen.

Walpin is only the beginning of the Kingpin's nightmares. Nevertheless, like Pharaoh, the Kingpin will receive temporary respite so that Hashem can rain on him many more personal plagues. Drunk with his own stupendous ego, the Kingpin will continue making more and bigger mistakes. If America won't have the backbone to investigate him and impeach him, she's liable to crash-land with him and thereby see a lot more suffering. Just wait and see.

Do you think we've been joking every time we've been calling for our American brethren to make Aliya, pronto? In the same manner that Pharaoh's misdeeds reduced ancient Egypt to rubble, Katrina will be a tea party compared to the devistation that B. Hussein Kingpin brings down on America with his pressure on Israel and his appeasement of international terrorist states. Don't say that you weren't forewarned.

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