Friday, June 12, 2009

See for yourself: the Real OBAMA

by Torahnews

Since the message below from the autist Binyamin Golden (13 Sivan) may seem difficult to believe, we are bringing here information from a documentary which has already been sen by millions of people and translated into many languages. The facts brought here shows clearly some of the shocking truth about who Obama is and what he is really doing.

This information does not show everything that Hashem is doing through this shaliach ra, but it is certainly and eye opener and food for thought to begin to comprehend the whole picture of what is really going on in the world now, as explained in the autistic messages on this site.

To see the documentary click on triangle at underneath the screen at left. To see a written summary of important points - click here

Here are some interesting highlights from this documentary:


Obama. A man comes on the scene promising “Change” we could all believe in. He promised many things, only to go back on those promises the first month in office (End the war, bring troops home fast, pledged to uphold Constitution, stop the spying on the people, said he would get out of NAFTA, GATT only to find out Canada was told “it was just campaign rhetoric”).

Obama works for the same elite as Bush did. They serve the interests of the bankers who created the financial collapse, and now are in the Obama administration to “fix” it. Dictatorial World Government is their plan [see the message from Binyamin Golden below!].

People desperate for change from the pathetic George Bush, voted for Obama but didn’t realize he is controlled by the same elites that controlled Bush. Obama’s “Change” does not benefit the people, but only Wall Street and the Globalist bankers. Look at the current crisis. Who has been getting the bailout monies? Have you?



Barack Obama was cast by Wall Street as “The Saviour of the world” (scientifically designed staging and manipulation of the American people.) Why would anyone worship a person who they know nothing about and who hasn’t proven himself? It’s time to find out who is behind Obama. Watch his actions, because the proof is in what a person does, not in what they say in a campaign. Never before in US history has the media gotten behind a president like they have Obama (1:21)

Selling the World: The press has pulled out all the stops, bestowing a crown of infallibility on Obama as the “Saviour of the people”. The elite are betting everything they’ve got on Obama’s charisma and hoping he can sell the world on their program of tyranny.

Obama is being used to implement the globalist NWO agenda, and to deceive the public into thinking he’s about good change. Nothing could be further from the truth. (33:49); Imperial Fascism gets a facelift – Now a Black face, to suck in the rest of the world in the African population. - Professor Griff