Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Flood?

by we want mashiach

We all know the promise of Hashem to Noach, that He will never bring another Mabul to destroy the world. The symbol of this promise is the rainbow, which appears at any moment that there would have been a Mabul had it not been for that promise. Unfortunately, too many rainbows have appeared throughout the world, especially in recent years.

History of the Mabul

One of the reasons for the original Mabul was stealing. The people would steal from each other tiny amounts (worth less than a "peruta" or penny). It is told that each person would steal a tiny amount and at the end of the day, the vendor was left with nothing. This was impossible to enforce in a court of law (Bet Din) as they do not have jurisdiction upon a value so small. Therefore Hashem had to judge the cases.

Once Hashem got involved in dealing with the crime, there was a portfolio of other unpunished crimes that were done by the generation. These too had to be dealt with. Therefore, the flood was brought upon the world, destroying it completely, save Noach and his family and the animals that he was commanded to bring with him into the Ark.

One specific sin that was mentioned was homosexuality. This was not only between people, but even the animals and vegetation became corrupt and acted likewise. The vegetation would not sprout what was planted, rather a different thing. So if someone planted wheat, barley would grow, etc.

Future Mabul

Hashem promised to never bring another flood. But He was discussing one of water. We do know that there will be a flood of fire at the end of days. I try to picture S'dom, the city of sinners - burning down (actually melting down) from the unbelievable destruction that was brought upon it, for its iniquity.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt"l said that New York is even more corrupt than S'dom. Had it not been that there are Jews earning money and supporting Torah with that money, NY would have long gone the path of S'dom. I sometimes wonder if 9/11 was only a preview. I cannot imagine what is to be said of other cities with worse reputations. Or of a country with laws permitting outright stealing under a nice headline of "Bankruptcy" as we see going on today.

If we learn from history, we can therefore expect another Mabul (this time of fire) to come upon the world for its crimes. Most of it will likely have to do with the persecution they have done to us over the years. Once that is being judged, the rest of the crimes will be as well and we can only imagine what will ensue.

Brewing storm

That is why I take particular interest when reading that there are "super volcanoes" brewing in America. Under Yellowstone National Park and Mt. St. Helens in Washington. At some point, these volcanoes can erupt, spewing an unprecented amount of lava, that could cover several states.

Obviously, I have no idea what Hashem's plans are. It would be pretty dumb to even guess. I just take it that we need to realize what's really brewing and what's really in store. The world can continue to think everything is fine and worry about their dollars or what's left of them. Meanwhile, we are being warned to prepare for dangerous tests of our faith. If we can hold on to Hashem, we will be safe. That will surely be a most difficult thing to do. We cannot trust ourselves and must strengthen and prepare for it. Looking around, it is clear that these tests have already begun and will only get tougher.