Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Poop's "Visit"


We should tear kriah and sit in sack and ashes for the chillul Hashem of this man's "visit." His very presence will be an assault on the Holy Land. He is a criminal and instead of being welcomed and courted, he should be arrested and executed.

He, by virtue of his office, is guilty of crimes against humanity. Among them...

1. The enslavement of the minds and hearts of billions of people into a life of idolatry and lies.

2. The denial of a normal marriage relationship to his priests, turning them into predators of young boys; who knows how many thousands of whose lives have been destroyed as a result.

3. The torture and murder of untold numbers of Jews because they rejected his false, idolatrous religion. (In addition, gentiles were also tortured and murdered for failure to recognize his authority over them.)

4. The looting and theft of priceless treasures, many from our Holy Temple.

It will be black days in Eretz Yisrael when this criminal sets foot on holy soil. I cannot even think about what will be when he approaches the Western Wall of the Holy Temple Mount.

We should pray that his heart and strength will fail and he should never reach his destination at all. Hashem should have mercy on His Name and on His blessed land and stop this desecration with His own hand.