Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jews overseas - what are you holding on to??

by True Simcha

To the Jews in weird places like Mexico, Germany, Russia, Africa, Europe (where you're not even allowed to walk around in a kippah in some parts, etc.), I really cannot figure out what you are holding on to over there? There is no kedusha, only gashmius, gangs and drugs everywhere and major anti-semitism. So what, pray tell are you holding on to?

To the Jews in America, well, you are used to your lifestyles, the American-Jewish personalities, your home, perhaps, your big house with a back yard, I know, I've been there. Sure that's nice, but let me point some things out, if I may:
1. What about the fear you have of letting your kids roam the streets and talk to strangers?
2. There are plenty of nice American communities here - you would feel right at home.
3. If you love your big house and spacious gardens and rooms, try Beit Shemesh for example.

4. You're worried about how you'll move your 8+ kids here? But the Jewish agencies help with that. They help with the financial side and there are absorption centers etc. and others have done it before you.
5. Language barrier? There are yiddish schools here and kids pick up Hebrew very quickly.

But most of all, you're forgetting Hashem! Hashem is taking care of you there and He will take better care of you here because He wants you here, not there.
Please mentally prepare yourselves for all these things so that when the big warning occurs and you know your heart (and hopefully Rav / Rebbe) is advising you to leave, you will realize that it is not as hard as you think. Besides, every step in kedusha takes a measure of difficulty. But Hashem helps in ways you can't imagine. Hashgacha pratis lurks everywhere.