Friday, May 15, 2009

For the Sake of the Land and People of Israel

Rally in support of Israel! Rally for continued American support for the safety and security of Israel! Let the President hear our voices!

Please plan to join a rally in support of the State of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu across the street from the White House, rain or shine, at:

Lafayette Park
Washington, DC
May 18, 2009

On Monday May 18, 2009 many Pro-Land of Israel activists will come together to stand in peaceful vigil at the White House in Washington DC for the sake of the Land and People of Israel.

If you plan on organizing a bus to the vigil please send an email to
and we will post your organized bus on the below listed blog.

Make sure to list the City, State, Time and place of departure.

In addition please let your family and friends know about this important petition calling on Jewish leaders to take a stand for our people and land
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