Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Echo

by Rabbi Lazer Brody

There's this strange echo going around. No matter what direction we turn to, we hear, "Two-state solution, two-state solution, two-state..."

The source of the echo is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. It then resounded off of Hillary Clinton, reverberated in Rahmy boy's hyperactive mouth, then bounced off Joe Biden's vocal chords. It's now echoing from Miss Merkel in Germany and spreading all over Europe and Asia.

The echo will be gaining momentum and volume, and will soon surround Israel from all sides. Even Israelis (the ones that don't believe in their right to their own homeland) will be yelling, "Two-state solution, two-state solution, two-state..."

I pray that Bibi will be able to withstand the pressure, but predict that he won't.

This is all for the best. On July 24, 2008, we wrote here on the Beams in The Rise of Mister V, "Here's a Geula prediction: Mister V will negotiate (and be buddies) with Iran, Syria, and everyone else, and Israel will stand alone with no one to turn to but Hashem. I like Mister V because I'm looking forward to that day. Wait and see how emuna will win and reign." Many people gave me a lot of flak for that post, but it's all comin' down just like we said it would.

A lot of well-meaning Orthodox rabbis ran to the AIPAC convention in DC earlier this week. It's hard to believe how they could be so naive; AIPAC participation must mean here (I'm still in the USA for 5 more days) that they're cool and influential. Yet, AIPAC is turning into a rubber stamp for the Administration, and if G-d forbid an evil decree comes down moving more Jews in Israel off their land, then history will view the rabbis of AIPAC as the 21st century Judenrat. What a fumble in American Judaism's end zone. Better than dabbling in politics, America's rabbis would be better off spreading emuna.