Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to Run?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We've been receiving questions, given world circumstances and how things may be lining up with the words of the navi'im (biblical prophets), is it time to drop everything and come to Israel?

This is indeed a difficult question, and unfortunately we are not navi'im (prophets) to be certain of giving accurate future advice. But the one point we can make is this...

Are you prepared? G-d forbid, if Moshiach doesn't come on clouds of glory and the Jews of golus (of the exile) are not delivered on wings of eagles, are you ready for any (even the least) of the possible negative scenarios?

In other words, if you needed to leave the US in the next 2 weeks, do you have the physical details (of this time) prepared to be able to do so? Passports. Necessary aliyah papers. Portable assets. Even a suitcase or two (or 9).

What US Jews (and non-Jews!) can no longer assume is the safety and stability of the past. Economic conditions have become chaotic (to say the least), world politics has moved from a stable 2-power balanced world to regional powers vying for control throughout each part of the world. Small organizations with the ability to cause great damage have popped up.

In this time, it is only wise to be prepared to travel, to leave a dangerous area, or area impacted by some catastrophic or serious event, or just to better conditions. Some cash must be set aside and on hand - the financial system can't be relied upon (what if you couldn't access your bank, ATM, or primary credit cards for 1 month?) Some emergency assets should be in a trade able portable commodity (gold - coins, jewelry, or bullion, silver - coins, platinum for higher value in smaller space).

Thinking of coming to Israel now (in emergency) or in the future? Talk to Nefesh b'Nefesh and a Jewish Agency Aliyah Shaliach right now - so you know what will be needed. (Papers, process.) Then, line it all up.

This way, if (G-d forbid) it becomes necessary, you _have the ability_ to do so. Until you can, asking if you should isn't the point.

During the Gulf War, a bearded religious soldier was commanded to cut his beard to be ready to put on his gas mask in case of attack (as that generation of masks didn't have a model for bearded men). He convinced his commander to allow him to ask the Lubavitcher Rebbe if he should follow this order. Amazingly, his commander agreed to abide by the answer they would receive...

They called in, and received this answer: "It won't be necessary to trim your beard, but since we don't rely on miracles, you should carry a pair of scissors around with you."

May Hashem bless and protect our readers and their families in these apparently turbulent times. And may all such preparations be unnecessary.