Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Next Year in Jerusalem!

by Tamar Yonah

I believe we are moving fast towards redemption. Just as we have lessons in the Pesach Hagada (Passover guide book) we need to reflect on how we relate to history and our future redemption today. Will we leave our Exile and go with Moses or will we be one of the majority who found excuses to stay behind where we thought we felt more comfortable?


Who is your Pharaoh?
Who is your Pharaoh?

a) Barak Obama

b) Materialism / Comfort Zone

c) Your career

d) G-d is your only, Only, ONLY, Master.

What are your goals in striving towards freedom?

a) To make as much money as you can and sped it on fun things

b) To laze around on the couch and drink beer and watch and cheer a ball game

c) To fight for your beliefs so you are allowed to live by them

How can you best serve G-d?

a) Staying in the Exile and 'practicing' Judaism but not living and embracing it.

b) Suffering what you have to do because of 'obligation' and the rest of the time feeding your desires

c) Just talking to G-d, striving to be his servant, bringing the holy to the mundane, and making the mundane holy.

Perhaps these are questions we should be asking ourselves and relate them to today at the same time.

Is Materialism our pharaoh, keeping us enslaved?

Do we view freedom as what we were taught it was through western standards and western eyes, and not through what G-d tells us in the Torah?

Are we trapped in golden cages in the Exile, not wanting to leave 'Egypt' (america) because we are frightened of what it will be like on a journey in the 'wilderness' until we get to the Promised Land, and so we choose to stay in our comfort zones, not leave, and miss our chance at redemption and being embraced by G-d in His Land?

I would just like to re-post this video, and show you the miracles that G-d made for us, the Jewish people, His Chosen Ones. When you see the sea split, think to yourselves, "Look how much G-d loves us, G-d didn't do this for any other nation except us. He really, really loves us!"

And to sum up, I wish all of the friends of the Jewish People to stand strong, be at peace, and be blessed with all good things. As for all of my Jewish brothers and sisters in the Exile, I pray you have a wonderful, happy, and kosher Pesach. May you learn from our rich history and Holy Torah, and may you yearn, and accomplish, our fervent prayer, "Next year in Jerusalem!".