Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahmedinejad - Learning from Haman

by We Want Mashiach

It seems to many that Ahmedinejad is Haman. He certainly is in the right country for the part. He certainly has been threatening to annihilate Israel and is working steadfastly to accomplish that goal - sort of like building the tree 50 Amot high and going to the king early in the morning.

In fact, the Rabbis tell us that we had already broken through the heavens earlier during the night he arrived at the king (first night of Pesah) and subsequently Haman's downfall began. It is interesting that we made Birkat HaChama just 1 day before Haman announced to the world that Iran is now a nuclear nation. Always, the Refuah (medicine) comes before the Makah (disease).

But if we can learn anything from the story of Haman, is that his wife and family were in on the secret - that is, it's fine to attack Jews and be on top, but once you begin to fall, it all ends quickly in the Jews' favor.

Haman still is second in command in his country just as in the days of Shushan. But as he spoke today at the Durban II anti-Israel conference, a mass of people exited during his speech, causing him to pause his rant and surely embarrassing him. This comes on the heels of Israel releasing word that they are ready to strike Iran within several hours or days of getting the "green light". All adding up to at least the beginnings of a downfall.