Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updates on Economy

Financial collapse, economic meltdown, debt crash, and bankruptcy news
Washington Post: Globalization Collapsing as World Trade Plummets
Washington Post: Report Says Economic Crisis Continuing to Worsen
Time Magazine: Federal Reserve Issues "Shocking" Economic Report
Time Magazine: Nouriel Roubini - aka "Dr. Doom" - Sees More Doom
Time Magazine: U.S. Economy May Lose Eight Million Jobs This Year
Time Magazine: As Car Sales Collapse, GM and Chrysler Get Desperate
Time Magazine: Jobs Forecast for College Grads Grimmer Than Ever
Time Magazine: Nearly 1 in 5 American Homeowners Now Underwater
Bloomberg: Mortgage Delinquincies Hit Record as Jobs Evaporate
Washington Post: 11% of Mortgages Delinquent or in Foreclosure
Washington Post: Credit Crunch Moves from Suburbs to Downtown
Washington Post: GM's Auditors Say Company May File Bankruptcy
Los Angeles Times: Economic Decline Ravaging Nation's Hospitals
Wall Street Journal: U.S. on the Verge of a Second Great Depression?
AP Wire: Russian Scholar Says U.S. Will be Under Martial Law by 2010
Bloomberg: FDIC Insurance Fund Could Be Insolvent by End of 2009
Financial Times: Another 750,000 Americans to Lose Jobs This Month

NY Times: Almost Every State is Shedding Jobs at an Alarming Rate
NY Times: Losses on Credit Cards Continue to Mount for Retailers
NY Times: Dead People the Newest Frontier for U.S. Debt Collectors
Reuters: Americans Rich and Poor are Pawning Their Stuff En Masse
Fortune Magazine: Federal Reserve Seeking to Keep AIG's Secrets
LA Times: "Violent reaction of Icelanders may be echoed globally . . ."