Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Updates on Economy

Financial collapse, economic meltdown:
Alternet: Start Preparing for Disruptions in Supplies of Food and Water
UK Telegraph: "Shock & awe policies needed to contain banking crisis"
CNBC: "You're watching the financial destruction of the United States"
MSN: How CEOs Made Off With Your Savings Under Cover of Darkness
Washington Post: American Economy Shrinking at a Staggering Rate
NY Times: Steep Market Drops Highlight Despair Over Rescue Efforts
Bloomberg: Pension Meltdown May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout
Sydney Morning Herald: Economy Won't Recover Until the Year 2036
San Francisco Chronicle: Market Sinking Further into Downward Spiral
London Times: "Scale and speed of banking crisis [is] overwhelming"
NY Times: "Economic crisis could fracture Europe into rival factions"
James Howard Kunstler: Banking System Has Been Mortally Wounded
San Francisco Chronicle: Biggest Drop Ever Expected in PC Shipments
NY Times: Computer Microchip Makers Watch Sales Plummet Sharply
Bloomberg: AmEx, Chase Cutting Credit Limits as Chargeoffs Soar
Fortune Magazine: Layoffs Creating Giant Class of Jobless Americans
Fortune Magazine: Entering an Economic Crisis of Biblical Proportions
Chicago Tribune: Detroit on Verge of Filing for Bankruptcy Protection
Bloomberg: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Plans Job Cuts Amid Recession

Civil unrest, riots, breakdown in social order: