Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spectacular Geulah in motion...

The current economic situation worldwide seems like a wonderful prelude to a spectacular Geulah.


Well, even with the world scrambling to figure out any way to curb the massive downfall of the economy, it's clear they are going to fail. The best predictions are saying this is going to last no less than 3-5 years (which I'm pretty sure we don't have). And that's from a "this world" perspective.

The socialist programs being written into law are not helping. The market just keeps going down. It's amazing - the more they try to fix it, the worse it gets. Maybe rewarding people for doing nothing, isn't exactly the way to stimulate the economy, especially when the people paying the bills are the only ones who can "stimulate" the economy. Punishing them for being richer doesn't do any good, does it?

And while we're at it, let's realize why that doesn't work. Oh, right, because it's unjust, unfair - a.k.a. "Sheker". Well, Sheker is on its way out these days - Hashem's truth is just too powerful. It's burning up Sheker everywhere.

It all sets a wonderful stage for what's coming. It's going to be a shocker for everyone. Even the ones who anticipate it the most, cannot possibly fathom what's coming. And that's why it's all so hopeless now - so that there will be a massive and clear distinction when we finally see the Truth.

The situation cannot be solved by anyone! Nobody! That's the point. We should have realized that by now - the rest of the world will realize in time. It's time to buy some "hard assets" - while money is still worth something. Torah, Mitzvot, Chesed - they're the only things worth the investment. Let's stimulate the spiritual "economy", with our physical money and our spiritual actions. It may be our last chance!