Wednesday, March 25, 2009


by We Want Mashiach

I know that often I write about things that are quite scary. There are those who, when dealing with truly fearful situations will get fired up and make major changes in their lives and thoughts. Others cannot deal with the fear. Even if the fear is prudent and proper, that just doesn't get them going. It might make them feel like giving up or otherwise make them feel hopeless.

I believe that we need to approach the forthcoming Geulah with truth. We need to be honest with ourselves and understand that we are at a major threshold in history. As Eliyahu Hanavi told the false prophets of Baal on Har HaCarmel - you cannot be on both sides of the fence. We are at a point in time where our closeness to Hashem or lack thereof will determine our immediate future.

The Torah is complete truth. There is not a sentence, word, letter, dagesh or even a crown on top of a letter that is without purpose or meaning. Therefore, we cannot honestly believe that entire chapters (and there are many) mentioned by the prophets are purposeless. Their prophecies of the coming days will strike fear in the heart of the reader. Again, I am not trying to be a fear monger. The words speak for themselves. They are not purposeless. To me, they seem to predict a situation that way overshadows even the Holocaust. So for people to ignore these predictions and act like nothing is about to happen is complete insanity.

I cannot say this enough. I don't know where else to say this either. I tell this to everyone I speak to. WAKE UP. Hashem's kindness is unsurpassed. However, for our own good, HE will limit that kindness to provide us with REAL kindness. History is replete with suffering for Jew and gentile alike. Hashem still directed those events, even though HE is only kind. So to think that it cannot possibly happen is a to deny the Holocaust ever happened.

Hashem is providing us with warnings, signs, everything that we should be paying attention to. Our enemies statements are to be regarded as prophecy when we are holding without true prophets. If we open our eyes and ears we cannot deny what is happening. The world is on a crash course with itself. The Earth is showing us major signs - earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids -- all kinds of crazy things are happening. To deny that they are signs is to say as the generation of the flood of Noah, that the rain was just a usual storm.

Noah built the ark in the public square for 120 years. They though he was out of his mind. People might think I am too. He didn't care and you can realize I don't either. Whether we are only watching Noah build the ark, feeling the raindrops, or starting to swim -- it's time to deal with the facts staring us in the face. Call me a fear-monger, call me whatever you want. It's time for us to deal with the facts. Are we going to help this redemption come mercifully by changing our ways or are we going to sit back and watch the water rise up around us until.....

You decide.