Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Charles Freeman blaming of the “Israel lobby” for his downfall

Ambassador Freeman, thank you for that statement you proved what I have been saying all along. You do not exhibit the proper judgment to be NIC chair. Despite what you or your pugilist-oriented son say this has nothing to do with Israel. It is easy for you to use stereotypes, blame the Jews etc. If it was all about Israel, it would have died down a week ago, look at Samantha Power, she urged the US to send troops to impose a solution on Israel, she is still around.

But the fact is the reason you pulled out is you did not want to answer the charges. You ran an organization that published wild things, you were on an avisory board of a company that skirted the US embargo on Iran, you supported horrible human rights violations by China and hell JIM BAKER THOUGHT YOU WERE TOO PRO-SAUDI, thats like the Pope saying someone is too Catholic.

So Go Ahead, blame the Israel lobby....but the facts are the facts, you did not have the experience or the judgment to do the Job. YidwithLid