Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chain of Events

Art by Rob Gonsalves

In order for a miracle to occur, Hashem has to arrange for a chain of seemingly natural events to take place, in order that everything is set up to ensure the miraculous outcome. Most of these events go by un-noticed, until we think about it, and put the whole story together. Then we can see the hidden hand of Hashem behind each step.

"The truth is, each miracle consists of a chain of precious events, but since each individual event is only part of the miracle we cannot feel or see it. We can only understand it with the conclusion of the final chapter.

"Then, the entire chain of events is transformed into a single miracle, and the complete miracle is viewed in all its splendour.

"The Purim miracle went unnoticed. When did they finally realise that they had witnessed a tremendous miracle? When all the events were connected. Then everyone understood that the miracle began when Mordechai heard Bigsan and Teresh planning to assassinate the King, and all the following events were part of the long chain that we call "Purim".

[The Chofetz Chaim "Beshalach"]