Monday, February 23, 2009

Updates on Economy

UK Guardian: Police Bracing for Mass Civil Unrest, Violent Protests, and a "Summer of Rage" in Response to the Economic Crisis

UK Daily Mail: "Yes we are raging - against a Government that spies on its citizens while ignoring the crimes of greedy bankers"

UK Guardian: "British military preparing for citizen flashmobs" (Relinked)

Martin Weiss: Major Meltdown Imminent, Time to Plan Your Escape is Now

Paul Krugman: We're on the Brink, Government Needs to Seize the Banks

Wall Street Journal: "U.S. Treasury lining up largest bankruptcy loan ever"

Yahoo News: Citigroup's New Plan to Totally Screw American Taxpayers "Citibank may be nationalized, possibly within days"

CNN: Regulators Gearing for Wave of Bank Failures, Including "Big Names"

USA Today: Recession Could Force "Widesperead family business failures"

Alternet: "Once middle class exurbs have been economically devastated"

NY Times: Would be Sellers Find They're Trapped in Under Water Homes

NY Times: Even Debt Collectors are Getting Hit by the Ecnomic Meltdown

Associated Press: Microsoft Asks for Severance Pay Back from Workers

Tom Whipple: "We are likely to have concrete examples, shortly, of what happens in the 21st century when civil order breaks down . . ."

Wall Street Journal: Highly Respected Russian Professor Predicts United States Will Collapse Economically and Plunge Into Civil War by 2010