Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TOMER DEVORAH: The Dream of Zion

I am not a Zionist as it is understood in the current vernacular. I am a Torah-abiding Jew who dwells in the Land of Israel and dreams the Dream of Zion---a redeemed people of G-d streaming up to the redeemed city of Zion from which the Torah Truth goes out to a redeemed world.

The dream is real, but so far away, and drifting farther and farther from reach with every day that passes. Today, we are Jews living in the Jewish homeland with Jerusalem as our acknowledged capitol, but oy! to us, for we have no Jewish government! We have ceased to grow and expand and flourish with Jewish life. Instead we are shrinking and shriveling, barely existing under the administration of a non-Jewish, parasitical regime, which is sucking us dry.

Twenty years ago, forty years after the founding of the modern State of Israel, the Dream of Zion was close enough to touch. Rabbi Meir Kahane was sitting in the Knesset and his Kach party, which faithfully represented authentic Jewish values, was poised to grow to anywhere from 10 – 17 seats in the Knesset. His popularity was growing as his message about relocating the Arabs spread far and wide. Had the people of Israel really possessed any “democratic rights” to elect their chosen leaders, there would never have been an Oslo or its tragic history.

Instead, the sham of “democracy” was overturned by a collusion between Shas and Likud with the approval of the rest and the Kach party was ruled as “racist” and banned as a political party one month before the election. The people did not adequately protest this denial of their “democratic” rights, so the dream faded and drifted aloft through the smoke of suicide bombings.
There is a popular phrase in Israel: “Today, everyone knows Kahane was right!” And indeed he was, like a prophet from our Tanakh, he foretold everything just as it has occurred. He was right about something else, too. He said, that if we would be denied our “democratic rights,” to vote on the issues, the only option left to us would be revolution.

Try to look at the big picture and understand how much things have changed. Today, we are in a similar place to where we were twenty years ago with Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu poised to get 10-17 seats based upon his well-publicized calls to separate from the Arabs, BUT...! He intends to do it by chopping off all the parts of Eretz Yisrael where Arabs are living, not by removing them from our land!

Every major party now “accepts” that there is “no military solution” and that there “must” be another Arab state cut from the very heartland of our homeland and it must be Judenrein, requiring the undemocratic expulsion of literally hundreds of thousands of more Jews from their homes, lands, businesses, schools and synagogues. Oh, and it “must” be “contiguous” with Gaza since no state can be viable if it is cut in half, despite the fact that it will render Israel UNcontiguous in the process.

Twenty years ago, it was a crime to talk to the PLO. Today, the world is divided on whether to have diplomatic relations with Hamas!! Look how much ideological ground we have lost! And we are losing more and more every day, every week, every month, every year. We have gone from no such people as Palestinians to the everyday reference to a place called “Palestine,” as if it really existed. The Dream of Zion is now standing at such a great distance that absolutely nothing we can do politically at this point can bring it any closer to fulfillment. Nothing!

In fact, the greatest danger that confronts us now is our blindness to that reality. As long as we believe in the political process, in democracy, in this party or that one, we risk waiting too long to effect the real cure for what ails us.

Please wake up! Open your eyes and see that the regime ruling in Israel is “a broken cistern which can hold no water.” (Jeremiah 2:13) Everything that you are pouring into it is seeping out into the ground and in the end it will be just as empty as at the first.

The answer is not to choose the lesser of the evils, because that is not why Hashem brought us back here after two thousand years. The answer is to stop giving legitimacy to the system by participating in it and to formulate a plan to replace it. There is more than one way to have a revolution. Let’s begin by having a simple revolution in our way of thinking. Let’s begin by returning to the Dream of Zion where a descendant of David rules as King under the authority of a restored Sanhedrin.

PS: Never tell me to be more "realistic." Realistically, we are headed for oblivion. The Dream of Zion is the only real reason for our survival.