Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder...

Is the recession actually Hashem's measure for measure?

After all, the Romans (Edom) destroyed Hashem's house (Bet Hamikdash) beginning the current Exile; and now the "housing (mortgage) crisis" has been slowly destroying America. In fact, in order to combat the economic destruction, the "House" of Representatives passed the stimulus bill first; which many believe is the beginning of the end for America.

And how interesting is it that the stimulus bill was for "787" billion. Again, those two numbers (7 and 8) appearing again as they did here...The number 7 also appeared in Pharoah's dreams 7 cows, 7 stalks; and 7 years of plenty and drought. Seemingly natural events, but really Hashem's hand in action. The economic downturn "seems" natural as well, but we know who is really orchestrating the events of the world. The number 8 represents miracles - like the 8 candles of Chanukah we light to commemorate the miracle that made them burn for 8 days and nights.

We all need to realize that the end of the Galut of Edom is nearing. As we know from haman, in the Megillah - once the situation deteriorates, the end is rapidly approaching.

We may be in for a bumpy ride, but we need to strengthen our faith in Hashem. He conducts all affairs of the world directly. What seems "natural" (represented by 7) is really only Hashem hiding His actions. When we trust Him, we enable ourselves to see the miracles (represented by 8). That's what He wants from us - especially at this time. We will see those miracles openly very soon, but we will need to be strong in our faith in Hashem in order to get there.

We know that during this final chapter of Galut, Hashem will shake us up to see who is real and who isn't. We need to hold strong. The knowledge that it is Hashem shaking us up should at least comfort us...