Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The purpose of the UN

As we reach the end of this long exile, things start to fall into place. We finally begin to understand events that have been orchestrated by Hashem over thousands of years. Small, insignificant people and events that have revolutionized the world - suddenly it all begins to make sense.

The UN is one such example I have been thinking about. The organization was conceived as the League of Nations after the first World War. Over the years, especially backed by 57 Islamic nation states (called Organization of Islamic Conference - OIC) it has taken shape as a strong hater of Israel. The planned Durban II conference, whose agenda is basically demonization of Israel and raising muslim rights, that is set to take place later this year is proof of the level of hatred that the UN has sunken to.

Does anyone wonder why such an organization exists in the first place; why Hashem has organized it to exist, with its total ignoration of terror and main goal to condemn Israel for self defense? I believe that it's all part of the preparation for the "new world" that will take shape under Mashiach's rule.

Whether the UN itself will continue to exist is not important. What we learn and get used to is the real purpose of things. I think that Hashem is getting us used to something so peculiar - a body of 192 nations, focused almost completely on 1 nation; time and again ignoring the self-evident truths and defacto aiding and abetting terrorists.

It doesn't make sense. It never does. Neither does our enslavement in Egypt; the destruction of our Batei Mikdash; the Greeks attack on our faith; the undying hatred of Jews worldwide. It never makes sense and that's precisely the goal. If it made sense, we would ignore it. Hashem wants us to see it and take heed - something's not quite right...

And that's precisely what the UN shows us. It's not normal for 192 nations to notice only 1 state so often. It's not normal for countries to get so involved in the affairs of 1 singular state. But it is happening and it will continue to happen forever. It's just that the situation will be exactly the opposite. While now they condemn, they will soon praise. While now they send terrorists, they will soon send emissaries. While now they sanction, they will soon sanctify. While now Israel must beg for aid, soon they will beg to send gifts to the new Bet Hamikdash.

Anti-Semitism is unique in that it is a direct revolt against Hashem. And while Hashem does not immediately show it, He is very angry about how His children are being abused. He lets the nations continue until it's too late. And then, as a Warrior, Hashem will smite them simultaneously in massive numbers and extreme suffering yet to be seen by any human being on Earth.

The day of reckoning is coming. The earth speaks of it daily. The earthquakes, volcanos, tsunami, hurricanes, wildfires - all speak of Hashem's approach. Let it be known to us. Let it be known to the world. Hashem will redeem us, His dear children very soon. And like a child, we need to rely on our Dear Father to be there for us and get us through this. Like in Egypt, those who want to stay will be able to, forever. Let's be the ones who get out!