Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nine Months

Following on from the publication of "Nine Months" here is the complete Zohar translation (which I had not read before now) clearly predicting the nine month "pregnancy" of the birthpangs of Moshiach between R"H Teves and Rosh Hashanah 5770.

Here are some excerpts from that Zohar (Balak) :

שכינתא תהך ותהדר לגבי משה, שבעין יומין. לסוף שבעין יומין, סליק נאקו דישראל לקמי מלכא קדישא, דיהון מעיקין לון בכל סטרין דעלמא. וכנישתא חדא לצד דרומא יתאביד ויתחריב. וחמשה זכאי קשוט יתקטלון בינייהו:

"..the shechina will go and return to Moshe for 70 days. After 70 days the cry of the Jewish people will rise before Hashem because they are oppressed in all corners of the world. One shul on the side of darom will be lost and destroyed and 5 true tzadikim will be killed among them. After 32 days from the killing of the people in that shul Hashem will en cloth in vengeance the small shofar...

[Gaza war started 32 days after Mumbai where 5 true tzaddikim were killed among them]...

[after this is an extended discussion about the 70 nations coming together and their downfall, then...] .."During this time Moshiach will be suffering birth pangs. and regarding this period it is written , G-d will answer you in the time of distress (psalm 20) , that these 9 sentences refer to nine months of birth and there are 70 letters hinting that at 70 years in the 6th millennium will give birth to Moshiach's dominion over the world.
[In other words, the nine months refers to the time between R"H Teves (when the war in Gaza began) and ends on Rosh Hashanah 5770]

"Because of this during those 9 months from midnight and on will be a chariot of fire and horses of fire waging war in the sky until morning. after these 9 months pass, Hashem will arouse this Moshiach and bring him out of Gan Eden. The day that he comes out of Gan Eden the whole world will shake , for they will think it will be their demise....."

Translation reprinted from Moshiach and Geula Forum and with thanks to "Emuna57" and Shloime.

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