Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zionists are to Blame for All of the World's Troubles?

Some people claim the ‘Zionists’ are behind every tragedy which has taken place, past and the present. They claim Zionists run the world and control the media. It’s an age old ideology....blame the Jew....but instead of saying Jew they say Zionist....anti Zionism is antisemitism. Don’t be fooled by people who claim it isn’t. Criticizing the actions of Israel doesn’t mean you have to criticize Zionism, or even bring Zionism up in politics. Please let us stop abuse the word.

1. Zionists control Russia
2. Zionists are communists
3. Zionists are Nazis
4. Zionists are religious fundamentalists
5. Zionists are against religion and real against real Judaism
6. Zionists dominate Mexico
7. Zionists control the media
8. Zionists control the US
9. Zionists control the EU
10. Zionists are responsible for Kosovo independence
11. Zionists killed the dinosaurs
12. Zionists are responsible for air pollution
13. Zionists are responsible for global warming
14. Zionists are responsible for 9\11
15. Zionists brought the Muslims into Europe.
16. Zionists are racists against Muslims
17. Zionists killed Jesus
18. Zionists responsible for world hunger, world poverty, higher prices in gas
19. Zionists did the holocaust
20. Zionists invented the holocaust
21. Zionists are responsible for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq
22. The Russian mafia is Zionist
23. Zionists occupying Palestine