Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rabbi Lazer Brody: Southern Israel Humor

One of the magnificent aspects of virtually everyone I saw in the south of Israel during the war was the calm and courage of people under fire and constant threat. Those who remained in the south during the war, refusing to allow the Hamas missiles to expel them northward, emerged stronger and with reinforced emuna, for every missile that fell was accompanied with its own miracle.

The South of Israel is even developing its own local humor. Here's a taste:

During the Gaza War two weeks ago, a Northerner from Haifa walks into the Emergency Ward at the local hospital and says to the nurse at the reception window, "I need urgent treatment - I 'm suffering from shock!"

The nurse asks for his ID card, and when she sees that he's a local, she says, "What do you mean, 'suffering from shock?' You're not a southerner!"

"Yeh," says the man, "but my mother-in-law just came here from Ashdod, and she brought a suitcase full of Passover dishes..."

Emuna lets us smile all the time, missiles or not.

Lazer Beams