Monday, January 12, 2009

More Miracles and the Fear of Jewish Babies

Here are a few of the miracles:

1. The missile landed in the courtyard between the kindergarten and the Synagogue at a time when no one was in either building.

2. There were no pedestrians within shrapnel range when the missile exploded.

3. Had the missile landed a short time later, the synagogue would have been full with people for the afternoon (Mincha) prayer service.

4. Within a one-hundred meter radius of the exact point of explosion are highrise dwellings and an outdoor shopping mall.

We thank Hashem for the miracles we're aware of, and for the zillions of miracles we're unaware of, that He does for us every moment of the day.

Today's missile attack was the second kindergarten that was hit in Ashdod since the beginning of the war.

Israel's enemies are deathly afraid of Jewish babies. Open up your Torah - it's right in the beginning of this week's Torah portion.