Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Eerie Silence

The Hamas capability of firing rockets, missiles, and mortars at the south of Israel has been hit hard, but the danger still lurks. Even though Ashdod has been missile-free for the past 48 hours, our neighbors 7 miles to the south in Ashkelon were still hit hard earlier today.

Hamas in Gaza - believe it or not - is more than 90% in tact. It's ranks are out of uniform and hiding among the civilian population, in underground tunnels, in hospital bunkers. Hamas has certainly lost the first rounds of the bout on points, but they're not down for the ten-count. Nor will they be.

The IDF, with Hashem's loving compassion, has done a superb job under dangerous conditions. Some form of ceasefire will take hold before Israel has the opportunity to destroy the current Hamas military arm, Izzadin al Kassam. Even if Hamas would be destroyed completely, the anti-Jewish hate that's so deep-seeded in Gaza's toddlers will simply grow a new generation of Hamas.

On the battlefield, the IDF has fought with courage, professionalism, and with a moral level unheard of by any other army in the world.

But, we have not yet uprooted the spiritual cause of the war. The Gaza War and all the missile attacks are a wake-up call from Hashem for all of Israel to make teshuva and to learn and strengthen emuna. Once Israel returns to Hashem, then Hashem won't need the stick named "Hamas" anymore to discipline us. If Israel fails to comprehend Hashem's message, Heaven forbid, then who knows what we'll have to contend with. This is neither doomsday prophecy nor scare tactics, just a plain and simple observation. Remember, Hamas is child's play compared to the missile arsenal of Iran and Hezbolla.

With teshuva, the current eerie silence will become a lasting peace. Hashem has shown us so many miracles already - He doesn't need us to help Him dispose of our enemies. If we do what we're supposed to, Hashem will take care of the rest.